Klackers Rules


The objective of KLACKERS is to pull all nine numbers on the board forward; giving the player a score of zero-to score a zero is to “KLACK”! However, it is not necessary to KLACK to win. The player with the lowest score at the end of each round after all players have rolled wins that round. In the event of a tie, please see the “Two tie all tie rule below”.

How to Play Klackers

To start, each player rolls one die and the high roller begins the round. Once the game starts new players may not play until the end of the round. After the first game, the previous game's winner always goes first, and the dice are passed “KLACKWISE” following each turn. In the event of a tie of the low score, the last roller to tie goes first in the carry over game.

The first player rolls the dice and the total of both dice are added together. The player then pulls forward any combination of KLACKER numbers, as long as that combination equals the sum of the two dice. Once the player has removed his or her hand from the KLACKER numbers played, those numbers remain down. "Once they're down they stay down". Yes, three or more numbers can be pulled forward at one time. The player then continues to roll the dice until all the numbers have been pull forward, or a number is rolled that cannot match any remaining KLACKER numbers or combination of numbers. If a player cannot continue, their turn is over and any remaining KLACKER numbers are totaled. This is their final score or point. If a player rolls one or both of the dice out of the KLACKER board, both dice are rolled again. "Over the wood no good". KLACKER etiquette states that no player shall touch another players KLACKER numbers or dice at any time during a game.

One Die Rule - “All or Nothing”

When the remaining KLACKER numbers add up to six points or less, the player has the option of rolling one or both of the dice. If both dice are rolled, standard KLACKERS rules apply. If the player decides to roll one die, they must roll the amount of the remaining numbers. When one die is rolled this is the last and final roll. If the die does not equal the sum of the remaining numbers, this is “The Point”. For example; a player has a 4 and 2 remaining. Player decides to roll one die. Player rolls a 4. The player cannot pull forward the four. The player must roll a 6 in order to make the play. The player's turn is over and the player's point or score is six.

Two Tie All Tie

If the two lowest points in a round end up in a tie, then every player in the round ties. Every player automatically moves into the second round, which is now worth two. As soon as two players KLACK in the same round, (KLACK Tie) round two starts right away which is a push and is now worth two. The player that tied the low score in the previous round goes first in the second round.

Option: #1 The Hughie Rule. The player must have a total score that equals nine or less. Any score that equal ten points or more is called “no point”. If each player in the game scores ten or higher, the game pushes to a second round and is worth two.

Option: #2 Klack to win. The only way a player can win in this format is if they KLACK. If nobody KLACKS, the game pushes to the next round which is now worth two.

Option: #3 Klack is worth two. As soon as a player KLACKS, all other players give the player that KLACKERS an extra playing piece (Chip).

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